Address: 27 Dr. Zorana Djindjica street, Kragujevac
Kragujevac Phone: +381 34 330 592
Phone 2: +381 63 608 585
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Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic "Demeter" was founded in 1995. Located in the center of Kragujevac at Dr Zoran Djindjic number 27 The owner of the office is a MD, Dr. Zorica Prokic, gynecology and obstetrics. The office is equipped with the most modern and offers a complete service of gynecologic the patients from early childhood to old age. The office work: -Counseling for pregnant women; -Cabinet of ultrasound; -Counseling for the early diagnosis of cervical cancer; -Marital counseling for the treatment of infertility; -Contraceptive counseling; -Counseling for Adolescent Gynecology; -Counseling for perimenopausal problems. The surgery is performed by a general and systematic gynecological and obstetrical examinations, ultrasound is accurate in the device Kretz, Sonoace 8800 (2D, 3D, color Doppler vaginal and abdominal), video examination and Papanicolaou test, early identification and monitoring of pregnancy, treatment infertile, microbiological analysis of gynecological infections, offering the most modern methods of contraception, HPV typing of radio access and removal of genital warts treatment, for less gynecological intervention (biopsy, with histopathologic analysis of the audit) ... Working hours are from 9 to 19 hours on weekdays and from 9 am to 13 pm on Saturdays. Prices ** gynecological services in the office Demetra ** Gynecological examination 1200 Gynecological examination with vaginal discharge analyzing 2000 Ultrasound examination of the 2500 3D ultrasound examination 3000 Gynecological examination with ultrasound 4000 Ultrasound examination of the CD 3500 CTG 2000 Determining pregnancy ultrasound 1800 Grav test 400 Overview of vaginal secretions 800 Colposcopic examination with a Pap test 4000 A complete check-up of pregnant women 3500 Termination of pregnancy under local anesthesia, 7000 Setting IUD 3000 Removing the IUD 3000 Incision Bartholijeve gland 4000 Closing the incision with early 4000 Biopsy 3000 Explorative curettage in local anesthesia 7000 Palpatory 800 breast examination Ultrasound examination of the breast with palpitation 3200 Ultrasound of the thyroid gland 2000 Thermo 1000 Swab the cervix uteri Chlamydiju trachomatis 1200 Swab the cervix uteri Mycoplasmae 2000 Extractio condylloma 5000 Loop conization cervix uteri 10 000 Typing of human papilloma virus 6700 Smear cervix uteri 1000 800 vaginal swabs Consultative Review 1200