Address: 210 Kneza Mihaila st., Kragujevac
Kragujevac Phone: 063/816-58-35
Phone 2: 064/339-21-27
Phone 3: 034/31-30-62
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Car center “Vitko” works in selling and installing spare parts for:
Fiat, Opel, VW, Reno, Skoda, Audi, Ford, Alfa romeo and Zastava vehicles.

Year of production: 1990 - 2006

We give a guarantee on the legality and working order of our parts.

We sell metalwork and mechanics parts, gear shifting engines, everything related to the interior:

* We sell used and new windscreens             and professionally install them
* We replace, set up and balance tires
* Every purchased wheel is mounted for free
* We service and patch up exhaust pipes on all vehicles
* We install seatbelts on all vehicles
* We replace window control mechanisms and glass
* We replace and install anlasers, bobs
* We send all the parts via express mail – payment on delivery
* Every part is photographed and marked prior to delivery in case it doesn’t fit
* Additional images sent via Viber
* Visit us at our website used cars of Serbia “auto centar Vitko”