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The advantage of PVC profiles 1. compact material in the entire section (except the profile of the foil so. sections colored oak mahogany, etc.). 2. good thermal properties 3. relatively low price 4. elements welded joints so that the entire element is practically a whole "ALUBOND" - aluminum composite panels are extremely flexible material that can be processed by hand and manufactured. By simply cutting and milling can achieve various forms. The panels can be bent in a curved shape and connected in various ways. Fill must be slit to the bottom sheet. The panels are fastened to the wall using the substructure, the solution depend on the type of suspension (tape on flat panels with push-strips). "ALUBOND" gives architects unlimited possibilities and creation. Production of panels measure a wide selection of colors, perfect flat surface, large size panel, easy installation and high quality paint with excellent aesthetic characteristics, reasons for the dominance of the composite panels in the development of ventilated facades. The panels consist of two aluminum sheets with plastic fillings. Based on the normative dimensions of the load and the thickness of the panel choosing the panel. Supplied standard thickness of 2, 3 or 4 mm. "ALUBOND" satisfactory anti-fire requirements class B2 to DIN 4102, has a thermal dilation of 2.70 mm at the temperature difference of 100o C, significantly reduces the noise level (23 to 25 dB).