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    Restaurants Kladovo

    Address: 54 Kralja Aleksandra st., Kladovo

    Restaurant "Lake" has a long family tradition.

    The beginnings date back to the restaurant in 1966 when there was a tavern and was called "The shipping casinos."

    It was made famous film "And God created the bar singer." In 1990, the inn gets a new look and a restaurant becomes a "lake".

    We are known for its fine cuisine, and what sets us apart is the large selection of food, primarily meat.

    In addition, we offer also includes soups, fish and many other specialties, both national and international.

    We organize all kinds of lunches, parties, promotions.

    In addition to the restaurant, in our part of the garden and covered with 350 seats, and a smaller room for rent.

    Visit us and enjoy the food, service and authentic atmosphere.