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    Manufacture of rubber Indjija

    Address: 5 Veljka Petrovica st., Indjija
    Fax +381 22 557 690
    Whatsapp: +381 63 501 268
    Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
    Sending via mail / courier services Sending via mail / courier services
    In business since: 2005.

    Company TOPSPIDER Ltd. focuses on the production of rubber technical products for the auto industry, the most advanced lines of high-tech, but for almost 10 years, more precisely since 2006.

    The very firm working for over 30 years in the auto industry, the first hand-made tools, a craft shop Spa (from 1984), today called Topspider.

    The main products were the cuff for CV joints, drive shafts and steering racks, and today we are a leader in the Serbian and surrounding markets in the production and distribution of hoses intercooler.

    Realizing that only quality survives, all investment went into improving the same and invest in the latest technology for the production.

    Our great advantage over its competitors is our quality, as well as the possibility of making any rubber products in the shortest possible time, thanks to an extremely high capacity of our production.

    Making hose intercooler any form to ø 60mm and a maximum of 1 m in length, is possible within 24 hours of receipt of the old hose.

    For svakocrevo intercooler certain models of cars that we do not offer, we create a new sample based on your old hose that you send.

    Hoses are made from special neoprene rubber, are exceptional resistance to wear and pressure, excellent quality.

    Wide range of models in stock.

    The possibility of sending a courier or delivery of large quantities, the whole territory of Serbia.

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