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    Private accommodation Gornja Trepca

    Address: Gornja Trepca
    Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
    Works on Sundays Works on Sundays
    Wheelchair accessible Wheelchair accessible
    Parking Parking
    Wifi WiFi
    In business since: 1974.

    Our villa Zdravlje (health) is located near the stationaries around 50m away from Vujan special hospital.

    We have a kitchen and all required utensils our guests would need to prepare their food. We also have 20 beds in double and single rooms, 8 sanitary knots and five bathrooms.

    We have two parking spots for the guests of the villa.

    We are a house with a voucher system for free accomodation up to 10 days under the patronage of the state.

    At the spa Gornja Trepca you can successfully treat several rheumatic, abdominal, nervous and respiratory system conditions.

    Thanks to the proximity of the Vujan mountain the air is rich in oxygen and iodine.

    Gornja Trepca spa is global but our own.

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