Address: Gornja Trepca
Gornja Trepca Phone: +381 32 822 264
Phone 2: +381 11 616 65 60
Phone 3: +381 64 363 65 33, +381 64 910 37 39
4/ 5stars

Health tourism in private vacation houses Slobodan Gligorov, temporary stay, Hostel Gligorov, Atomik Spa.

We own categorized double and single rooms surrounded in greenery and flowers at 422m altitude in a very quiet and beautiful spot near the Lithium water fountain and Celsium spring in the Atomic spa.

Most of our guests come to treat their rheumatism and neurological problems. Anti-stress therapy, massage, maso therapy and sujok acupuncture - natural medicine.

We offer a specialized vehicle for people with special needs.

Hostel Gligorov Atomik spa is open from May to October every year.

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