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    Accommodation Brestovacka banja

    Address: 1 Vojvode Radomira putnika st., Brestovacka Banja
    Whatsapp: +381 66 477 611
    Works on Sundays Works on Sundays
    Parking Parking
    Wifi WiFi
    In business since: 2008.

    The house is located at the very beginning of the settlement Banjsko field, near a bus stop.
    You will recognize the house by a beautiful orchard and a large garden.
    Out of the house has a view of the pine trees, whose scent will wake up and asleep every morning and evening.

    Household Gulic offers apartment accommodation with a cozy living room, kitchen and bathroom, and upstairs there are two double bedrooms.
    In one room there are two single beds, and the other is a double bed.

    To make your stay as comfortable at all courts, the household has its own heating and there is a possibility of using the phone.

    The whole house is surrounded by a spacious balcony equipped with hand-made garden furniture, the balcony offers a fascinating view of the surroundings.

    They will delight the youngest mini park with swing and swing.

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