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Interior decoration Zrenjanin

Address: 2/9 Kralja Aleksandra Prvog Karadjordjevica st., Zrenjanin
Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia


Architectural services for technical documentation for locational conditions, construction permits and use permits. Urban projecting and making architectural projects, architectural location improvement for building construction of multi-unit residential objects, business and industrial objects.


- Architectural projecting of residential objects, residential-business and business objects.


- Making idea solutions (IDR) projects for construction permits (PGD), execution projects (PZI), executed project (PIO) and idea project (IDP).


- Interior design and unique furniture design, interior projects and professional execution supervision


- Urban projecting (creating urbanized projects and parcellation projects and pre-parcellation projects, merging parcels from the same owner)


- Project supervision, monitoring and controlling the execution in accordance with the project


- Legalizing objects - making reports about the initial state of the objects and projects for executing for the needs of obtaining consent of the authorities for technical documentation.

ARCHITECTURAL STUDIO NUOVA, 2/9 Kralja Aleksandra Prvog Karadjordjevica st., Zrenjanin
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