Address: 22 7. jula st., Zrenjanin
Zrenjanin Phone: +381 23 512-000

Phone 2: +381 64 388 94 92
Fax: +381 23 581 990
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Pan Gas you will find the 7th Street July number 22 We have our own device for measuring the quality of gas, which provides customers with gas supply only certified quality. Moreover You can get the fire extinguishers, oil, lubricants, various additives for motor vehicles and car cosmetics. BOTTLE PROPANE-BUTANE-a Pan Gas is a company that sells and distributes liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). We have our own bottling LPG cylinders, which can be filled bottles of all sizes, and we work 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Thanks to its own device for measuring the quality of gas, we fill bottles only tested high quality gas. DELIVERY to your address All of our customers in the territory of Zrenjanin offer exceptional service delivery bottle of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) to the desired address. For all customers outside Zrenjanin we deliver larger amounts of gas with the agreement. For information call the above contact telephone numbers.