Address: 78 Cara Dusana st., Zrenjanin
Zrenjanin Phone: +381 61 713 46 85
Phone 2: +381 61 713 46 86
4/ 5stars

Pizzeria in Zrenjanin "Stojkov & kids" offers a variety of specialties, and the focus was on two things - the delivery and quality.

We deliver to your home, juicy and hot drink for more than 30 minutes.

Do not forget this information, particularly in situations where you do not have time to prepare food, overcome your fatigue or the occurrence of unexpected guests.

In addition to more than 10 kinds of pizza, this pizza place, you can try different kinds of pastries, sandwiches "Pommes Frites", savory and sweet pancakes, grilled meat and the famous "Big kids burger".


Monday - Friday: 07h to 22h
Friday - Saturday: 07h to 01h