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    Translators, translation services Zrenjanin

    Address: 47/26 Ruze Sulman st, Zrenjanin
    Fax +381 23 546 076
    Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
    Works on Sundays Works on Sundays
    In business since: 2011.

    FAMILY IS CONNECTED BY TRUST. Collaborate with the Popovices and give us YOUR TRUST for your translations, and we will give you our full attention and knowledge!

    We are not an industry. And to us you are not just another client. We are a family and we invite you to us.

    At a time when everyone are the masters at everything, we decided to do just one thing, but it the way it should be done.

    We do not hide behind "many of our translators," as most translation agencies. No, we are a nice family business, a mother with two children, all three translators and court interpreters for the Slovenian language. Support the family business, avoid agency fees and get great associates when you need it.

    We specialize in translating from Slovenian language into Serbian and vice versa, either certified by a court interpreter or not. It is the only combination of languages that we translate. Regardless of whether you are moving to Slovenia, where are you going to work, you import a vehicle from there, you sign a contract with the Slovenian company to sell the product in the Slovenian Serbian or something else, please let us know - your need to overcome language barriers will satisfy the most professional manner, on time, in good quality and at an affordable price. We understand that time is money and you need your translation is urgent - we'll do it, but you will not overpay, which is usually the case, when one estimates that in a hurry.

    Family Popovic expect your answer!

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