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  • TRI SMIZLE 023

    Catering Zrenjanin

    Address: 61 Servo Mihalj st., Zrenjanin

    Respecting your wishes and needs we will happily make your celebration more beautiful using our broad assortment of products.

    You can always count on high quality, freshly made, delicious and attractive bites for every feast.

    Our offer includes:
    - Home baked small pastries using our grandmothers' recipes.
    - Order made cakes made using the highest quality ingredients
    - Great selection of fresh baked goods (rolls, mini pizzas, Spanish pies, mini cornbread, breadsticks, biscuits, squares)
    - Mini sandwiches and burgers
    - Mini rolls ('ajvar', spinach, poppyseed)
    - Entrees
    - Lunchables (using home-produced crackers)
    - Savory bites (cheese balls etc.)
    - Baskets (filled with various salads or anything you choose)