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Address: 14 Djure Jaksica st., Zrenjanin
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Exhaust service Magnum - Zrenjanin

What do we do?

Exhaust Servicing - Full exhaust system (rear, middle segment, exhaust pipes, flexible pipes)

  • Inspection and diagnosis of faults on the exhaust system
  • Production of exhaust according to the sample
  • Exhaust installation
  • Exhaust repair

Catalytic converter Servicing - Catalysts for EURO2, EURO3, EURO4 and EURO5 cars

  • Typical catalysts
  • Universal catalysts
  • Substrates (honeycombs) for catalysts
  • Diagnostics of catalyst failure
  • Catalyst installation
  • Catalyst cleaning
  • Catalyst repair
  • Addons for catalysts

DPF Service - Soot particle filter on diesel engines

  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting of the exhaust gas treatment system
  • Cleaning the DPF filter
  • PDF filter repair
  • Installing the DPF filter
  • DPF filter additives

Several reasons why you should come to our service from Novi Sad or Belgrade

Exhaust service Magnum - Zrenjanin provides the following:

  • We honor the agreement. When receiving the vehicle at the service center, we give the customer a precise offer that includes all the necessary parts and services
  • Fast service - Over 900 standard and over 600 universal exhaust models and a good supply of related parts enable us to repair the entire exhaust system very quickly. The installation time of the complete exhaust is up to 60 minutes. You come to the service once. You make an appointment, you come, you get a precise offer, we do the repair and you drive on
  • Fair-play business - The prices of our products and services are transparent. We change only the necessary parts of the exhaust system. We return the old replaced parts to the owner, especially the old Catalyst and DPF filter because of their high value!

Schedule a free inspection - call us on 0695006006 / we also take calls on Viber

How much does it cost to repair or replace the rear/middle pot and exhaust pipe?

  • The price of welding broken parts of the exhaust or replacing part of the exhaust pipe ranges from 1,500.00 to 4,000.00 dinars
  • Replacement of the middle segment price ranges from 1,500.00 to 6,000.00 dinars
  • Replacing the rear segment costs from 2,500.00 to 9,000.00 dinars
  • Replacement of exhaust pipes, costs from 2,500.00 to 7,000.00 dinars


  • The listed prices for exhausts and repairs are indicative. For each car model, we provide the owner with an offer that includes the prices of all parts and services needed to fix the problem.
  • We do not sell our products online or send them by mail. Possible purchase exclusively at our exhaust service in Zrenjanin with a free inspection of the vehicle and diagnostics of the exhaust system failure. Replacement service is charged according to agreement.

Schedule a free check - call us on 0695006006 / we also take calls on Viber

  • For every sold and installed exhaust, we issue a written guarantee along with the invoiceto our customers. The warranty is valid for 25 months, and the terms are specified in the warranty card.
  • Since we are engaged in the production of exhausts and other parts of the exhaust system, we fully control their quality. All products are made of a special steel sheet that is used in the auto industry for the production of exhausts.
  • The durability of our products is at least 25 months, which is the duration of the warranty, but in practice the shelf life is much longer, so in our service we come across exhausts that customers bought 6-7 years ago and which are still in use today.
  • Depending on the type of car and whether only one pot needs to be replaced, the whole set needs to be replaced or some other repairs need to be done on the exhaust system, your car stays at the service center from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

Schedule a free inspection - call us on 0695006006 / we also answer on Viber

Magnum auspuh has its FB page and website www.magnumauspuh.rs where you can get more information about us and the services we provide

See you st our address, 14 Djura Jaksica street. Zrenjanin

EXHAUST SERVICE MAGNUM, 14 Djure Jaksica st., Zrenjanin
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