Address: nn Bulevar Milutina Milankovica, Zrenjanin
Zrenjanin Phone: +381 23 512 121
Phone 2: +381 63 439 700
Phone 3: +381 69 143 97 00, +381 63 535 069
4/ 5stars

We have existed for 4 years.

We sell batteries, oil and lubricants, car cosmetics.

We work for old and new, we buy old car batteries.

Free trial of the battery and charging the same.

Brands of car batteries include VARTA, ENERGIZER nd others

Brands of oils include TOTAL, ELF, MOBIL, gastrol, MOGUL.

NEW in Amperbat.

Galax oil at affordable prices for motor vehicles and agricultural vehicles and motorcycle batteries Varta with 25 months warranty.

Working time:

weekdays: 08-19h
Saturday: 08-13h
Sundays do not work, but we are at your service non-stop on the phone.

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