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    Ski schools Zlatibor

    Address: Obudojevica, Zlatibor
    Works on Sundays Works on Sundays
    In business since: 2010.

    Ski club "Profi" - Uzice was founded in 2010 with the aim of better and more organized transfer of their knowledge and skills to younger generations.

    Within the club operates a ski school for children and adults in Zlatibor on track Obudojevica.

    Our 8 instructors and instructor professors sport and physical education with many years of experience with the knowledge and pedagogical approach enabling rapid mastering of basic and advanced techniques of skiing.


    Ski club "Profi" - Uzice has its own path for the ski school in the Obudojevici.

    Ski center Obudojevica is located in the tourist center of Zlatibor mountain.

    Obudojevica is an ideal resort for initial training and is recommended for all first stop on skis.

    The program includes ski schools:

    - 10 hours of training (5 days per 2 hours)
    - The use of polygons for training
    - Ski equipment (skis, boots, poles)
    - Organization of competitions at the end of the training
    - Graduation ceremony for all participants ski school

    Ski school is organized in the period from 15 December to 15 March.

    If you want your child successfully and safely learn the techniques of skiing and spent time in good company join the ski club "Profi".


    Within the club on Obudojevici works and ski rentals (ski rental) which provides services to all skiers.

    Tornik for serious skiers is our ski rental "Profi" with a huge choice of ski and snowboard equipment.


    Ski club "Profi" has its premises in Uzice in the Square shopping center, where exchanges and sales of ski equipment throughout the year ...

    With its old members and new ski club provides great benefits in price as well as professional assistance in choosing ski equipment and ski exchanges.

    Ski club "Profi" - Uzice

    Skiing or stay in nature with multiple physical activity is important for any organism:

    - Improves blood picture
    - Strengthens the bone marrow and muscle fibers

    Skiing provides immense physical and psychological satisfaction and enjoyment.

    Cold, wind and other weather conditions beneficial influence on the creation of resistance of the organism, those in cells.

    Ice will develop in children and many positive character traits as boldness, safety, discipline, determination, perseverance, breaks unnecessary fear and uncertainty.

    Contact person: Nebojsa Zaric
    Club address: Milovan Glisic 10, 31000 Uzice
    Contact phone: +381 64 157-2-157
    E-mail: nebojsazaric@yahoo.com

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