Address: nn Strahinja Popovic (lake near the fountain), Zlatibor
Zlatibor Phone: +381 60 519 19 13
Email: romabalkan@gmail.com
Web: www.konoba32.rs
4/ 5stars


The restaurant "Akustik Konoba" for more than 4 years successfully engaged in the restaurant business.

In 2010 we began to create a brand in Pancevo, we then work expanded in Sutomoru, Belgrade and most recently in Zlatibor.

In addition to the excellent location in the heart of Zlatibor, near the lake, excellent local cuisine and live music nightly, housekeeping is offered and board accommodation.

In order to revive the spirit of Skadarlije even in Zlatibor, with traditional acoustic music (tamburice, bass, guitar, harmonica) and a unique atmosphere, which once existed in the old Serbian taverns, do the guests who visit us enjoy every moment.

In addition to the excellent restaurant offers, accommodation can be rented on a half board basis (bed, breakfast and dinner).

The breakfast has poached egg, omelet (ham, cheese, mushrooms), savory and sweet pancakes, hot dogs, fries and corn meal. At dinner, steak, fillet, drumsticks, sausages, kebabs, Viennese steak, steak steak, salad and homemade bread.

Full board. In addition to the above offers, the price includes lunch.

We offer a soup (chicken, veal), cooked meals (čorbast peas, green beans, baked beans, rice pilaf, moussaka, sarma, stew), fresh seasonal salads and homemade bread.


The restaurant "Akustik Konoba" is located in the center of Zlatibor Zlatibor on the shore of the lake.

Since 2010, we are trying to welcome all lovers of old habits and genuine local cuisine.

"Akustik Konoba" we opened in order to approach the tradition and culture of our people younger generations, but also as a reminder of the elderly as it once was.

Already 4 years of successfully building a brand that faithfully respects the tradition of the early 20th century.

After the first restaurant in Pancevo, we have opened restaurants in Sutomoru and Belgrade, and in 2014 "Akustik Konoba" was opened in Zlatibor.

How would at any time be innovative, our restaurant offer is enriched with the pizzas, but also that we have remained faithful to local specialties, so we created a PICU killer.

We strongly recommend that you come and visit us during Lent or on Fridays, where our skilled chefs prepare meatless dishes.

Among other dishes and specialties are:

- Akustik Konoba specialty (mixed meat for two people with extensive appendices)
- Trout Konobine way, as well as a large selection of meals

For your good mood will take care of our musicians, masters of their craft and 7 days a week.

Enjoy your memorable moments with your loved one, family and friends in the "Akustik Konoba".