Address: 44 Kiridzijska st., Zlatibor
Zlatibor Phone: +381 31 832-243, +381 64 12-12-718

Email: dzambomb@ptt.rs
Web: www.apartmani-dzambic.co.rs
4/ 5stars

www.zlatibor.org dzambomb@ptt.rs dzslavica@gmail.com They are located in the oldest part of Zlatibor - Palisad, on a 1080m height. We have four studios 2 + 1 and two apartments 4 + 1. All apartments have 4 stars, are totally equipped (kitchen, TV, satellite), parking. In the summer period you have also a pool at your disposal, within the house. Come, you will be our dear guests. More information on dzambomb@ptt.yu