Address: Vilivi, Nova Varos
Zlatar Phone: +381 33 685 484
Phone 2: +381 64 087 30 32
4/ 5stars

HOST DRAGAN-ROSIĆ offers modest but comfortable accommodation and the environment from natural materials will turn your dream into a memorable experience complete regeneration of body and spirit.

Come and Get some sleep! And when you get up in the morning, look at the bright shoots slopes Jewelry ..

Try the specialties of the landlady, traditional cuisine! You'll probably want to bring something back to the city! Tasty, fresh and fragrant ...

From heljdopite over complete bun and cheese goldsmith, until fragrant hams, good spirits and so on.

Rosic host has its own bakery that bakes for you FRESH pork and lamb roast.

Domestic cuisine is prepared only from their own family production. Rosic wife Dragana wears numerous awards in saving heljdopite, and her smile, hospitality and serenity to spur you to come back to their warm home.

This household HOUSES ROSIĆ certainly take your breath away.