Address: TPC Kraljevica, Zajecar
Zajecar Phone: +381 19 432 200
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Polyclinic Djokovic was established in 1993. We were founded with the idea of taking care of family health from childhood to old age. We are pioneers in the development of private medical practice in Serbia. By Ministry Health of Serbia to perform we are registered activity from area: SURGERY GYNECOLOGY PEDIATRICS INTERNAL MEDICINE The institutions are working professionals with years of experience from above area which diagnostic and therapeutic procedures implemented on modern tools and appliances, including: Endovideogastroskop, colonoscope, radio frequency knife, ultrasound with color Doppler. Here are some of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures Echocardiography with color Doppler COLOR DOPPLER blood vessels Ultrasound examination of the upper abdomen, breast, thyroid, Transrectal ultrasound of prostate and rectum. Gynecological ultrasound vaginal probe Ultrasonic monitoring of pregnancy Upper endoscopy, colonoscopy, ANOSKOPIJA Examination and treatment of skin and subcutaneous changes of all kinds (young people, warts, pigmented lesions, atheroma, lipoma, hygromas etc ...) Radio wave SURGERY - a minimally invasive method with the least lateral damage, minimal trauma and scarring. Ligature HEMORRHOIDS REMOVE Warts