Address: 8Dragoslava Srejovića st., Zajecar
Zajecar Phone: +381 19 42 92 19
Phone 2: +381 62 22 92 40
Phone 3: +381 62 22 92 90
Web: www.termoplastik.net
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Our story begins in Zajecar in 2008 twhen the company was founded. "Termoplast" specializes in production and sale of PVC and aluminum joinery in our own production facility in Zajecar. Also in the product range we aluminum railings and handrails renowned manufacturers. Since we began operations, we have demonstrated that we are, while still young, to solidify its market position and slowly grows into a strong company with a downward expansion and successful operations in the region of Eastern Serbia and beyond.

The current number of 7 workers, and, in addition to production and showroom, we have planned to open in the near future even an action, expand the manufacturing facility and increase the number of workers. In addition to production and sales, we are installing PVC and aluminum doors and windows, and offer the most versatile solution when it comes to setting up new or adaptation of existing windows and doors, whether it's on your home office space. PVC and aluminum material for production are purchased from reputable manufacturers such as Alumil Greek, German ROPLASTO, exalko the world haystack.

We are proud to emphasize that our company often participates in organizing and sponsoring of sports and cultural events in Zajecar, such as the European tournament in kick-boxing, which was held in Zajecar, "Strong Men" Cup tournament, and basketball, "ABHOJ 2010" Meeting collectors of Serbia, and others.