Address: 1 Novosadska st, Vrsac
Vrsac Phone: +381 63 850 34 74
Fax: +381 13 836 721
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Years of experience in Nicholas Cuculja wine and Milojka Vilotic in the business world has also led to mutual family connections grow into a business relationship.

Swabian old house in the center of the town, built in 1900, with a large basement of 200 square meters, which is used to produce wine, restored in 2004 was its original purpose, and registered family winery Vinik.

This is the only registered today, manufacturing in the basement of 980 as there were 100 years ago.

The cellar is equipped with the latest equipment and courts enological capacity 60,000 liters, which makes the controlled fermentation and storage of wine. In addition to the production part which is produced and odležava wine cellar in an authentic setting, decorated and painted in the wine room, which for its oak tables to accommodate 50 wine lovers.

To help facilitate the full experience of wine tasting and Bermet with candles and food, and we can provide a tambourine.

Knight of wine, a master of wine among the Banat St. Theodore Nicholas Cuculj has the honor and responsibility to introduce guests to the secrets of the basement making and tasting this divine drink.