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Dental clinics Vrsac

Address: 52a-4 Sterijina st, Vrsac

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Dr Rosa Savić TM DENTAL

Dr Rosa Savić


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At the dental clinic DENTAL TM, you and your family have a possibility for treatment of mouth and teeth.

Working in the office:

Dr. Rosa Savic - specialist in preventive and pediatric dentistry
Dr. Mirjana Paunovic

Tel.013 835 612 / / 063 8297448 / / 0643083798


- Rehabilitation of milk and permanent teeth, with quality and modern materials

- Extraction of permanent and deciduous teeth

- Treatment of teeth using mechanical and endo-mate devices and apex locators

- Trauma (injury care for milk and permanent teeth)


- Metal - ceramic crowns

- Non-metallic crowns

- dentures

- Cast an upgrade

- Composite extension

- Orthodontics (straightening teeth and mouth irregularities in children)

- Removal of hard and soft deposits

Special treatments:

- Sandblasting the tooth

- Bleaching of teeth

- Diamonds (decorations for your teeth)

- Retineri (patron of athletes, plastic film with teeth grinding)

- The use of lasers in the treatment of aphthae, paradonatopatije et al.

TM DENTAL, 52a-4 Sterijina st, Vrsac
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