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    Apartments Vrdnik spa

    Address: 20 Luke Bugarskog st, Vrdnik
    Works on Sundays Works on Sundays
    Pet friendly Pet friendly
    Parking Parking
    Wifi Wifi

    Vrdnik is located on the slopes of Fruska mountain. Clean air without any pollution ranks in order Vrdnik air spas. Besides the monastery Sremska Ravanica (which housed relics of St. Knez Lazar) in the vicinity of Vrdnik valuable heritage since the Bronze Age through the Roman period, religious shrines - Monasteries. At about 2 miles from Vrdnik of historical monument Vrdnička tower for which research has shown to originate from the Roman era. In the courtyard of the monastery Sremska Ravanica is a monument Milica Stojadinovic - a Serb woman, which is most of her life in Vrdnik.

    Vrdnik of Belgrade 74 km away from Novi Sad, 24 miles, 15 km from Ruma, and from 36 km Sremska Mitrovica. By Vrdnik you can come from all directions, on good asphalt roads.

    Apartments and Bata Ceca has 10 beds in 2 apartments with bathroom, kitchen, cable television and wireless Internet. Each apartment has its own bathroom and kitchen. The cost of housing is negotiable and depends on the length of stay in the apartments.

    Approximate price of accommodation in apartments per person is 600.00 din.