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    Boutiques Vranje

    Address: nn Dragacevska st., Vranje
    Website: hercobuca.rs

    Our company Herc ltd. has been in business since 2000. We work in producing men and women’s leather footwear. We also produce a broad selection of classical as well as modern models of men and women’s natural leather footwear.

    The combination of our highly educated professional team and modern technology guarantees an extremely high level of our product quality which satisfies the European standards.

    Our wholesale provides for various retail shoe stores in all larger cities of Serbia. A full selection of our products can be seen in our retail objects:

    1. VRANJE – 113 Proleterskih brigada street
    2. BUJANOVAC – 21 Karadjordja Petrovica street
    3. SOKOBANJA – 6 Trg Oslobodjenja street