Address: 130 Suvoborska st, Valjevo
Valjevo Phone: +381 14 3511 999
Phone 2: +381 64 464 0383
4/ 5stars

RESTAURANT "Kod Gaje" is located in Valjevo at 130 Suvoborskoa Street, beside the road.We've been in Catering for over thirty years, which indicates the quality of our services. We offer our restaurant you will find: - all kinds of meals (stew, cooking, beans, etc.) - all grilled dishes - dishes to order and organize all kinds of celebrations in agreement with you. DELIVERY OF HOT MEALS FOR COMPANIES AND INDIVIDUALS. In the tradition of our years of work we have to mention PRIOR SERIES OF HOSPITALITY AND VARIOUS TRIPS. In our wide range you can find everything for you because RESTAURANT WITH Gaia fulfill all your wishes. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU AND YOUR GUESTS Our office hours are weekdays from 07-24H WEEKENDS 07-02h in the evening Every day in our restaurant you can relax with tambourine-NEW MORNING-Come and see the quality of our services with respect YOUR RESTAURANT-IN-Gaia