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Interior decoration Valjevo

Address: Divci, Valjevo
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Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
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In business since: 2014.

Dear Sirs,
Estetik M is a company that was founded with the aim of providing clients with the highest level of quality and efficiency in the performance of the final work: demolition and dismantling, electrical installation, plastering, installation of wall and floor coverings, installation of plaster coating, painting and smoothing, thermal insulation of facades, cleaning facilities, consultation regarding your interior and exterior.

Founded in 2014 in Valjevo. The company operates according to international standards, using modern methods based on the best quality materials of foreign and domestic manufacturers, a good idea, security, and save your time. Previous experience and customer satisfaction ključsu success of our business. During the last period we have carried out work in many buildings for different purposes. Leave your worries to our professionals.


     Demolition and dismantling
     Setting wall and floor coverings
     Setting up partitions and suspended ceilings
     Installing cork flooring and other flooring of wood.
     setting up wallpaper
     Waterproofing works
     Plaster works


- System Frame and panel with exposed-grid
- System Frame and panel-an invisible grid
- A system with an open grid
- A system of linear strips
- Seamless system
- Die-cast panels and profiled

Partition walls:

     fire partition wall
     system frame and panel
     system panel to panel (removable)
     storage walls
     cabins, small rooms
     sliding, folding partitions
     Painting and fairing-painting works Painting and decoration
     Interior and exterior painting of buildings and buildings
     Staining for civil engineering
     External wall insulation: Styrofoam, styrodur demit
     stone facade
     cleaning facilities

ESTETIK M, Divci, Valjevo
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