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    Design offices Valjevo

    Address: 2 Zeleznicka st., Valjevo

    Project office KRSMANOVIC founded in 1988 and has its offices in Mionica (Kolubarska 22) and Valjevo. It deals with the design, execution and supervision. We design a computer with 3D visual presentation. - So far, we have designed over 350 000 m2 of residential, commercial, of industrial space, as well as many churches. - We have published several catalogs of standard facilities, which are summarized issues and have over 130 different standard facilities. - Consultants and staff of our office were teachers from the Civil Engineering and Architectural Faculty. SOME OF THE OBJECTS THAT ARE DESIGNED: - 20 standard houses for the Directorate for earthquake ethno (type) - residential - commercial building at Bishop Nikolai - Valjevo - upgrade Krusikovih housing - Valjevo - Residential building Mirjevo - Apartments Zlatibor - Apartments Vrujci - Vitez - retail prices in Mionica - Church in Vrtiglavu - Vitez - Church in Glogonj - Pancevo - parish house in the spa Vrujci - Refrigerator Medikal This is just one small part of the 23-years work OUR BUREAU