Address: Petnicko lake, Petnica village, Valjevo
Valjevo Phone: +381 14 251-025, +381 64 3607-234

4/ 5stars

Lukic family household is located in a village near Valjevo PSC, 5km from the city center. Their guests with accommodation in first class apartment with four stars, neatly categorized by officials from the municipality of Valjevo.

We offer 2 apartments with three beds with additional elements and bathrooms. The room is air-conditioned, which will make your stay more pleasant in the hot summer days and cold days for the proctor is equipped with central heating.

Apartment has a double bedroom, a bathroom with a toilet, hall and kitchen with dining area (refrigerator, stove, tv).
There is a possibility to add another bed in the dining room, depending on number of guests, and for couples with young children, there is also a childrens bed.

Price of accommodation:

- 1000 din night and in winter night's din 1200

What makes our household is a particularly attractive location on the map Valjevo. We are located near the coast petničkog Lake, which offers the possibility of swimming and fishing. Only 15 minutes away is the sports center with Olympic PSC and children's swimming pools and basketball, football, golf. There are also PSC Research Center, Church of the 14-th century, Petnička caves with archaeological sites, cold and clear river Banja.

Plum brandy, honey, wine from a nearby winery Jelic, the products are that tourists can buy. Part of our offer is a beautiful walk Petnička landscape, gathering berries, fruit picking, playing with animals, fishing and hunting. Guests who come to us with his car (parking space provided in the yard) have the wonderful opportunity to visit valjevske
monasteries cells, Lelic, Jovanje, Hermitage. To learn about environmentally protected river Gradac, see family home in Nenadovića Brankovini, meet Valjevo nightlife, culture and conviviality themselves Valjevo.

Agritourism deal 5 years, during which time we welcomed visitors from Belgrade, Italy, Slovenia and many others. In the visitors' book are written the words that tell us that we are on the right track, that we are their hospitality and cordiality gained the trust of people whose coming forward again.

Hosts that their guests are welcomed as friends.