Auto parts Valjevo

Address: nn Jasenica st., Valjevo
Viber: 065/555-74-24
Whatsapp: 065/555-74-24
Open 24hrs Open 24hrs
Works on Sundays Works on Sundays
Works out in the field Works out in the field

Towing service Simic provides high quality services since its founding day at no-number Jasenica street. We work in transferring cars and other vehicles, we are the most professional towing service in Valjevo.

Towing service Valjevo

For a long line of years we have provided the following services:
* Transporting passenger and van vehicles
* Transporting forklifters and mini excavators
* Transporting tractors and other machines
* Transporting containers and coolers
* Pulling out using a powerful hydro-pullay
* Purchasing totalled and broken vehicles
* Mechanical and electrical works
* Metal and paintwork.

We service all kinds of vehicles but we specialize for Volkswagen vehicles. We work responsibly an reliably.

Our team of professional mechanics will examine your vehicle efficiently and in a suitable time period. We will detect the malfunction and solve all complications swiftly and efficiently. We are there to give you advice regarding spare parts or purchasing new parts for your vehicle.

For any additional questions, contact us via our listed phone numbers.

TOWING SERVICE SIMIC, nn Jasenica st., Valjevo
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