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In our office, and counseling helps you to overcome

• Anxiety 105a_oko
• grief reactions, depression, anxiety, indecisiveness, feelings of inferiority and loneliness;
• phobias (agoraphobia, social phobia, specific phobia);
• obsessive (compulsory) rituals and thoughts;
• tics, stuttering, enuresis ...;
• Stress related disorders, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder);
• adjustment disorder;
• hypochondriac disorder;
• eating disorders;
• sleep disturbances;
• bipolar disorder;
• psychotic disorders;
• psychosomatic diseases;
• somatoform disorders (mental disturbances originating in basis without an organic basis):

feeling of pressure in the chest, shallow breathing, shortness of breath, involuntary swallowing of air, psychogenic cough, vague abdominal discomfort - "gastric neurosis" psychogenic vomiting, heartburn, digestive difficulties, tingling, burning, pain, heaviness and heat in the wider region of the heart , palpitations, rapid pulse, blood pressure unsure - cardiac neurosis, fear of death and heart attack, dizziness, sudden hot flashes, sweating, anxiety in the body .... .;

• gender identity;
• addiction to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gambling, computers, and you want to get rid of;
• adolescent (juvenile crisis) and if you have any difficulties in love, having fun, concentration, motivation, and you do not have the will to learn, have a fear (fear) of it ...;
• problems in his love and sex life;
• Difficulties in communicating with people;
• conflicts with spouse, children, parents, bosses, teachers ...

In our office, and counseling will help you and when:

• have mental problems, and want to improve the quality of life, quick to learn, the better progress in his professional career, sports, to be successful in the role of parents ...;
• psychodiagnostis want your personality: assessment of intellectual abilities, personality structure, personality profile (normality, neurosis, borderline conditions, psychosis) ... ;
• completing primary or secondary school, and not sure what to studdy? For you we are there in the professional orientation and professional counseling;
• the nature of your business you are exposed to increased stress, and you want to minimize its impact on the body and learn how to neutralize it;