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With the best experts and modern technology we provide the following services:


Diagnostics and treatment for arthritis and osteoporosis – joints and soft tissue ultrasound method, vital in diagnosing and treating arthritis, tendinitis, fasciitis (aching heels).

Diagnosing and trating degenerative joint diseases – hips (coxathrosis), knees (gonarthrosis) with the application of hyaluron on the wrists under ultrasound control (joint lubrication).

Applying sophisticated and innovative therapy by locally injecting collagen that reduces inflammation and pain and improves joint mobility which declines due to degenerative processes or inflammation, especially with aching knees, Achilles’ heel and shoulder (frozen shoulder).


Examination with EKG, heart ultrasound with doppler and color doppler, stress test (ERGO test), ECG holter (24h and 48h), blood pressure holter (24h).

Gynecology and obstetrics

Gynecology is different from other branches of medicine because it deals in very intimate and delicate issues, but it’s special for the fact that it helps those aspects of our lifestyle that bring us the greatest joy, such as pregnancy and childbirth.

We want to be your guides, your advisors and your partners throughout the process of conception, pregnancy and the post-natal period, in order to help you feel secure and carefree.

We offer you all kinds of examinations without pain or complications. We will be happy to guide your pregnancy from the very beginning.

If you and your partner have been trying to conceive without success for a while – seek hel.

Luckily two thirds of treated sterility cases end up having children.


Diagnostics and treatment for the intestinal system, liver, colon.


Modern treatment for diabetes, thyroid gland ultrasound, node biopsy.


Treating stroke, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, dementia


Treating children and adults

Ultrasound for all regions

Heart, joint, soft tissue, neck, thyroid gland, breast and axils, small pelvis and urinal tract ultrasound.

Psychiatry and psychology


Cardiology, pulmology, neonatology, neurology

Color doppler examination

CDS of the blood vessels of the neck, legs and arms

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