Address: 2 Vuka Karadzica st., Uzice
Uzice Phone: +381 69 163 33 16
4/ 5stars

Skadarlija restaurant is located near the center of the city.

To our dear guests we offer excellent services, delicious food and drinks and exceptional ambiance. We are especially proud of our charcoal grill barbecue which costs 760rsd for veal under the stone and full offer of national cuisine.

We pride ourselves in our exceptional quality and services which have brought us a large number of satisfied customers.

We also own three more fast food restaurants whose information you can see above and which also offer all kinds of grilled foods, sandwiches, cold drinks and takeaway coffee.

Welcome and bon-apetit!

Locations and contact:
Skadarlija restaurant, 2 Vuka Karadzica street, 031/553-544
2. Skadarlija fast food, no-number Mihaila Pupina, 031/500-426
3. Skadarlija fast food, 12 Kralja Petra I, 031/521-753
4. Skadarlija fast food 183 Dimitrija Tucovica street,  031/521-441
5. Kuća dobre hrane, 45 Dimitrija Tucovica street, 031/602-459