Address: 66 Ratarska st., Uzice
Uzice Phone: +381 31 352 13 03
Phone 2: +381 60 627 46 37
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MARINER is a company that began work in 1999 with the goal to offer professional hairstylists and cosmeticians the highest quality global brands of equipment and tools and to bring global standards and brands to our salons.

MARINER exports the most of our production to the markets of former SFRJ republics such as Croatia, Bosnia and Hertzegovina, Montenegro but also in Europe: Austria, Slovakia and Switzerland which proves the excellent price and quality of our products.

MARINER as a direct manufacturer and importer offers you:
- Original products
- Excellent quality
- Affordable prices
- Best means of payment
- Large and consistent selection
- The best selection of dyes and materials
- Guarantee on all producs
- Free delivery for all orders to your desired address

It is our goal that through product quality, affordable price and swift service we keep the existing and win the trust of new clients. If you have any suggestions, complaints or questions feel free to contact us, because we are there for you.