Address: nn Murgas, Ub
Ub Phone: +381 14 474 190
Phone 2: +381 60 365 21 20
Phone 3: +381 69 365 15 80
4/ 5stars

Restaurant Ubski Castle is located on the outskirts of the city Uba, in a quiet area surrounded by nature, consisting of an old orchard area of 1ha.

Founded in 1976, and in 2011 was renovated into a fully functional building, which corresponds to modern trends in tourism.

From the city center are 2 km along the main road R101 between Uba and Valjevo and nearby Lajkovca, Ibar highway, Lazarevca, Valjevo, Divcibare Obrenovca, Sabac and Belgrade.

The facility can be rented for business lunches, presentations, promotions, as well as smaller birthday parties, punoletstava, baptisms, weddings and so on. okviur capacity in the restaurant.

Organization of celebrations can be implemented independently and with our supervision and assistance in the organization.

Ubski Castle is the perfect place for your vacation, just a few minutes from the city, with complete service.

The rich offer of food and drinks, friendly atmosphere, quality music program and accommodation in rooms that have their own bathroom and are equipped with modern.

Corner with a soul, Restaurant Ubski Castle!

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