Address: 82 Ibarska st., Tutin
Tutin Phone: +3881 20 810 888
Fax: +381 20 810 880
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AUTO DUDIC TUTIN Izet Dudic taught craft since 1994. to 1997. The code Ferid Imamovica, the most famous masters in our country. In the period 1997-2004 he worked in Germany where the hard work and effort had great experience thanks to which in 2005 opened a service AUTO DUDIC. Service since the beginning of his work, his attitude and quality of service gained the confidence and affection of their customers. Everyone has their responsibilities and the maximum is trying to meet them until the end. Service technicians who work on your car will answer any question that they set and use any additional information they provide on the condition of the vehicle. In AUTO CENTER DUDIC according to each car treat with care and responsibility as it is ours. With the latest equipment and tools servicing and repair all types of cars, and we specialize in brands: Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen and Audi. AUTO DUDIC also for automotive diagnostics for all vehicles and all types of tire repair services on modern machines brand - HOFMAN -. Certainly stand behind the quality of experience and expertise. Ask, you will find satisfied customers. We look forward to your visit and the opportunity to service your car. Give your vehicle the best, come to AUTO DUDIC!