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Address: 40 Radnicka st., Temerin
Viber: 064/06-78-147
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Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
Works out in the field Works out in the field
In business since: 2017.

We drill wells in the entire Vojvodina territory for the most demanding customers.


The Company NATURAQUA was founded with the goal of offering our clients high quality and quick services thanks to our years of experience in family entrepreneurship.


We do our work using a drilling setup with a 90-315mm radius and 250m depth in the territory of Vojvodina.


The main activity of our company is aimed to drilling wells on farms for the purposes of irrigating agricultural products, or in households for drinking water and construction.


In addition to all of the above as a bonus service we also revitalize and test existing wells.


For any questions, feel free to contact us via our listed phone numbers.


NATUR AQUA, 40 Radnicka st., Temerin
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