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At the very beginning of his medical work, 25 years ago in general practice, in contact with a large number of patients I noticed I did not accomplish a cure of disease but only keep under control the situation and the consequences of the underlying disease. Why is this so? - I wondered and realized that do not discover the cause of disease and thus can not lead the patient to cure. I discovered that many external factors affect the human body and the physical and mental state associated with the disease. I realized that diet can worsen and also improve the situation. I went in search of new knowledge and holistic approach also revealed a single man was inseparable from the environment as a whole. Acupuncture and ancient Chinese medicine enlighten the human body a new light and offer the possibility of returning health. Resonance therapy has the same  holistic approach offered in addition to a convenient and painless method of balance disorders caused by the body. Nutritional supplements that complement the essential (important) ingredients cells to establish a proper biochemical processes. All these methods give the right results - the patient says - I am great. It was a very solid base to turn in their practice natural methods of treatment that does not cause any harm to human body, on the contrary to bring great profits. Practice AKUMED in Subotica in existence since 1997. Now we have a team medicnske 3 sisters and one doctor. All together, complement each other and encourage each other in quality work in order to help patients. You'll be glad when we meet, he will feel good and still in therapy and will contact us again if not for yourself then for your loved ones who have a health problem nature. DR. DUSICA TUMBAS