Address: 4b Grcka st., Stari Banovci
Stari Banovci Phone: +381 62 332 032
Phone 2: +381 65 446 24 33
4/ 5stars

Restaurant and camp "Basta adventurer" is located in Stari Banovci, 30km from Belgrade and 50km from Novi Sad, on the Danube coast, 1,192 km from the mouth of the Black Sea, so that we can come to that land and water.

Here you will get what you normally get in restaurants, but you can get much more!

You'll meet some old friends, and the friends that you have not yet met.

Also, here you can have a meeting with nature and positive energy which it radiates.

The regular offer on the menu are fish soup and fried fish on the Danube Tanjirača.

More than that, you can rent: canoe, motor boat with a guide, climb the artificial rock, organized The company's meetings, team building and so on.

We will organize boat trips on the Danube, canoe tours, and in our camp you can stay overnight in bungalows or tents, to spend an unforgettable weekend with friends or family.


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