Address: 71 Vuka Karadzica st., Stara Pazova
Stara Pazova Phone: +381 22 311 140
Phone 2: +381 63 296 410
Fax: +381 22 312 141
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SIMOTAL is a company for production and sale of PVC and ALU carpentry.

We are a production recognizable solely for the best quality of materials we work with that we install into our finished product.

Equally high quality installation of PVC and ALU carpentry which follows the quality of our finished products.

We install only the highest quality non-replacables such as:

- mosquito nets

- blinds

- interior window boards

- exterior window sills

We have existed for a long number of years and over that time we have done a huge number of jobs around Serbia mostly in window, door, lighthouse, chamber, mosquito nets, blinds and other facade element production.

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