Address: Vojvode Stepe nn, Sremska Mitrovica
Sremska Mitrovica Phone: +381 64 150-70-17

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PEDIATRIC SURGERY DR JELENA DINCIC Address: ul. Vojvode Stepe bb/4a Sremska Mitrvica Opening hours: 13-20h Saturday: 10-14h Sunday: 11-12h Phone: 064/150-70-17 We provide the following services: - Review: newborn, infant, kid, preschool, school children and adolescents - Counselling service for children - vaccination - sampling for microbiological analysis (nasal and throat swabs, urine culture, swab the eye, ear, navel, and the wound) - treatment of oral cavity - processing of the navel stump - exercises to correct flat feet - treatment of a sick child: intramuscular, intravenous injection, infusion therapy and inhalation