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    Dental clinics Sremska Mitrovica

    Address: 14 Zmaj Jovina st., Sremska Mitrovica

    Dental clinic Sun Dent is a family clinic where we gain the trust of our patients through hard work, providing quality with affordable prices for all patients.

    We consider this the only way.

    The founder of the clinic is Dr. Suncica Stanivukovic Dugosija who has years of experience working with patients of all ages.

    Dr. Gordana Stanivukovic, a specialist in jaw orthopedics with over 30 years of experience, is also included in the work of the clinic.

    At our clinic we provide the following services:

    * Preventive and children’s dentistry
    * Conservative dentistry (dental repairs and treatment)
    * Aesthetic dentistry (facets, teeth whitening)
    * Orthodontics (fixated and mobile braces, DAMON system)
    * Paradontology
    * Tooth extraction

    We give special attention to correcting the teeth and bite position irregularities in children and adults by using the latest orthodontic means.

    Mobile braces as well as fixated ones (metal, self-ligirating and the DAMON system) can be obtained at our clinic Sun Dent at very affordable prices and the ability to pay in installments.

    Working hours:
    Mon/Wed/Fri: (9AM – 3PM)
    Tue/Thr (3PM-8PM)
    Saturdays per appointment only