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Dental clinic MEDENTINA plus

The first examination at our Medentin plus clinic is free of charge.

During the examination, our dentists will explain to you in detail the required treatment and methods of payments as well as provide a detailed offer with specified service expenses.

The employees at our clinic have two decades of work experience. They were educated and trained both in our country and abroad and have completed many prestigious courses in addition to their college education. They are also members of many national and international dental associations.


- mr sci. dent. Dr Marina Relic – children’s and preventive dentistry specialist
- Dr Tamara Maravic  Savic – orthodontics specialist
- prim. Dr Branislav Janjatov – maxi-facial surgery specialist
- dr Mladen Jesic – dentist
- Svetlana Zaric – dental nurse
- Jovana Poznanovic – dental nurse


Dental examinations, examinations on weekends and holidays, first aid, specialist examination and consulting

Conservative dentistry:

Composite fillings, medication, treating the root canal, avital teeth whitening, repairing, recovering from dental membrane opaqueness using ICON.


Removing dental calc, polishing teeth, sanding teeth, processing parodontal pockets, surgical treatment, regular causal therapy.

Dental prosthetics:

Immediate braces, partial acrylic braces, total braces, partial skeletal braces, partial skeletal braces with attachments, direct brace inlay, indirect brace inlay, repairing braces, non-metal crowns, non-metal crowns on implants, metal-ceramic crowns on implants, temporary crowns on implants, cast extensions, fiberglass stake, valplast adaptive braces, thermal-sense braces


Sinus lifting, installing implants with suprastructure, installing support implants for total braces, braces on implants.

Oral surgery:

Gingivectomy, frenectomy, cystectomy, tooth extraction, surgical tooth extraction, leveling out the ridge, surgical sinus closing, apicotomy, surgical wisdom tooth removal, surgical tooth removal, surgical removal of tumor changes, intra and extra-orally with a pH result.  


Mobile orthodontic apparatus, fixated orthodontic apparatus, Myobrace

Aesthetic dentistry:

Whitening avital teeth, whitening teeth at home, single-treatment teeth whitening, dental jewelry (zircons and dental tattoos). Hyaluronic fillers and mesiotherapy.

Children’s dentistry:

Removing soft deposits, teeth sanding, sealing fissures, impregnation using fluorides, baby teeth extraction, glass-ionomer filling on baby teeth, composite filling for children, colored fillings.