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    Restaurants Srebrno jezero

    Address: 8 Karpatska st., Srebrno jezero

    ATOS – drawn with nature’s pencil, place ideal for heavenly peace and wellbeing.

    Symbolic promenade of Silver lake, first-class location for social life.

    The garden of spiritual purity, beautiful garden and warm atmosphere.

    The place where even those from afar always come back. The feeling of always being welcome and that there will always be a spot for you. Romance and anticipation, evening walks and afternoon celebration. That feeling, neverchanging, that life is actually good, people are really nice and the gift of life and beauty will never leave us.

    From our kitchen comes a wave of delicious dishes prepared using original recipes whose diversity and wealth of Bacva cuisine will surely surprise you.

    * Swimming pool

    Our guests can enjoy the fantastic view of our beautiful garden as well as refresh themselves with cool beverages and delicious food while lounging by the swimming pool.

    The pool surroundings include comfortable sunbeds and natural decoration from our garden.

    15m (length)
    6m (width)
    0-2m (depth)

    Starting with decorative steps of the shallow, the pool deepens.

    * Restaurant

    The kitchen of our ATOS restaurant is based on freshness and the excellent quality of our ingredients which were selected with the greatest care.

    In the process of preparation, our restaurant utilizes only tested biological products of excellent quality and origin.

    All our dishes are prepared immediately upon ordering, without using any preservatives, processed ingredients, chemicals or additives.

    The famous aroma of our barbecue is especially recognizable.

    The meat is prepared in special chambers in the restaurant which is then baked over a charcoal fire, creating that famous and gastronomically appreciated flavors unique to ATOS restaurant.

    Our bread, cornbread and flatbread are baked fresh every day in our restaurant’s bakery without any additives or preservatives.

    Our pastries are also made in house without chemicals, artificial coloring or additives.

    The confectionery shop of our restaurant utilizes seasonal fruits or fruits we froze at our restaurant.

    * Sauna, gym, massage, playhouse, congress hall

    * Rooms

    TV, WiFi, air-conditioning

    Every room has its own balcony with desk and chairs.

    Bed sheets, towels, liquid soap, toilet paper

    * Our own parking  at the villa available non-stop

    As a sign of our eternal friendship, our villa’s doors will always be open to you.