Address: 5 Palilulska st, Soko Banja
Soko Banja Phone: +381 18 833 671
Phone 2: +381 63 806 5433
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With years of experience (practice has existed since 1989.), A professional approach and constant improvement, and with the application of the latest methods and modern materials well-known manufacturers, we are able to offer you the highest quality therapeutic solutions in the following areas:

- Children and Preventive Dentistry
- Diseases of the mouth Izuba
- Oral Surgery
- Dental prosthetics
- Orthodontics
- Cosmetic Dentistry

With a digital X-ray diagnostic solve all kinds of dental disease, and patients guarantee maximum protection by reducing the X-ray radiation 8 to 10 times compared to standard ways of recording the teeth.

If you are coming from abroad we can provide accommodation at various locations in Sokobanji (your choice).

Belgrade rejuvenates the soul and the body, and we are there to rejuvenate and beautify your smile.

Visit us and see for yourself.

Opening hours:

08:00 - 20: 00h