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    Apartments Soko Banja

    Address: Nikole Pasica 15, Sokobanja

    The house of about 200m2 equipped with 4 accommodation units, each with a separate entrance bays, completely equipped for 2 or 4 people.

    It is surrounded by a small garden, fenced.

    There is private parking for 3 cars.

    Below parking is provided for storing children's strollers, large toys, bicycles, motorcycles, fishing gear.

    It is equipped with a summer kitchen and toilet provided for guests who arrive before 13:00 or before the hostess of the house ready accommodation unit.

    Each accommodation unit has the possibility of extra beds (except in the studio, No. 4), negotiated baby cot, own fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom containing a shower, hair dryer and liquid soap dispenser, flat-screen TV with cable channels, mini library a terrace or a separate part of the yard.

    Accommodation units are organized for independent stay.

    The whole building is wireless network covers.

    Looks like you can see on the website www.apartmanipavlovic.com

    In addition to the study of type 2 studios each with a separate entrance that can be reached from the rear, especially fenced yard, which is oriented to the north and to:

    - On the floor - STUDIO no. 14 (24m2) for 2 adults with entrance from the west.

    Within this study are two terraces.

    One of them is covered, and the other with garden furniture and deck chair is designed for sunbathing facing east, west and north.

    - Downstairs - STUDIO No.4 (21m2) for 2 people.

    As part of the studio's latest, fenced yard in the north with garden furniture and deck chair.

    Fitted and two-bedroom apartments:

    - On the floor - Apartment No.12 for 4 people consisting of 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom and a long hallway with a terrace (75m2), there is also space on the ground in front of the entrance, which is located in the east and that is covered by an awning.

    - On the ground floor - apartment. 2 of 4 people consisting of 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and two bathrooms (65m2) is available and the area in front of the entrance to the west, which is covered by an awning.

    Prices are not set fixed, but depend on the length of stay of guests, the time of year when and where to perform lease, as well as the number of persons.

    There is a possibility of organizing board meals at a nearby restaurant.

    The price does not include tax, according to the decision of Sokobanja.

    Reservations are confirmed by paying for three days on account



    For cold days SECURED Norwegian radiators, heaters, air conditioning.

    Sincerely, Dusica Pavlovic