Address: 11 Vuka Karadzica street local 1, Smederevo
Smederevo Phone: +381 26 612 663
Phone 2: +381 62 578 628
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Special discount of systematic screening for the unemployed, students, pensioners, groups of at least 3 patients and for each systematically.
Free 4D ultrasound in the 10th week of pregnancy.
Free counseling for contraception.
Free laboratories in pregnant once a month.
Possible credit card payment in installments.

Working time:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 12-20 pm

Tuesday and Friday from 8-16 pm

Saturday only pre-scheduled

Telephones for scheduling:
026 / 612-663
062 / 578-628

Price list:

1- Consultation up to 15 min gratis
2- gynecological examination 2.000din
3- Control gynecological examination 1.000din
4- Pap smear 2.000din
5- Colposcopic review 2.500din
6- Control colposcopy 2.000din
7- PAPA + colposcopy in one act 3.500din
8- Systematic Review-students, the unemployed, pensioners, 3 pac again 6.000din
9- A systematic review of the company 4.500din
10- Physical examination for employees 8.000din
11- Ultrasound examination - gynecological, pregnancy is more than 10 NG 3.000din
12- Control ultrasound examination 2.000din
13- Double -UZ test, measurement neck pleats, LFC, Gly, urine 5.000din
14- Organoskrining 5.000din
15- 4D ultrasound examination (photos, recording the Flesh) 6.000din
16- Folliculometry (3 or more visits) 4.000din
17- Determining pregnancy 2.000din
18- gynecological and ultrasound examination in one act 4.000din
19- The first inspection after childbirth-gin.pregl. / TO (our pregnant women) 3.000din
20- Review and breast ultrasound 2.500din
23- Insemination 30.000din
24- Repeated insemination in the same cycle 15.000din
25- biopsy of the cervix 5.000din
26- Puncture of cysts in the breast 6.000din
27- explorativne curettage (cervical canal) 4.000din
28- Fractionated curettage (uterine canal and pulp chamber) 7.000din
29- Instrumental revision after the incomplete abortion 8.000din
30- Abortion up to 8 weeks 12.000din
31- Termination of pregnancy to 10 weeks 15.000din
32- Putting spiral 2.000din
33- Removing spiral 1.000din
34- Removing ingrown spiral 3.000din
35- Vaporisacija PVU-LASER) 9.000din
36- Loop excisija 10.000din
37- Removing kondyloma-level laser and 5.000din
38- Removing kondyloma-LASER II level 10.000din
39- Removing kondyloma LASER III level 15.000din
40- Bartholinijeva cyst (removing the capsule with AgNO3) 10.000din
41- Hysterosalpingosonografija (HSG) 8.000din
42- Puncture of ovarian cysts 8.000din
43- Ofice Hysteroskopija 30.000din
44- Amniocentesis 30.000din
45- CVS chorionic villous sampling-determination of sex in the 9th week of pregnancy 30.000din
46- Polypektomia PVU (polyp on cervix) 5.000din
47- Polypektomia cavi Wheel weights (polyp in the cavity of the uterus) 7.000din
48- Determination half over the mother's blood in the 10th week of pregnancy 17.500din
49- Tranquilita test (anomalies and a half) from the 10th week of pregnancy € 650
(Discount € 300 for Stem Cells)
50- Cerklage 10.000din
51- CTG - NG -nedeljno 1.000din
52- CTG - transferred pregnancy - daily 500din
53- Vaginal swab 500din
54- Cervical smear 500din
55- Urea-mycoplasmas cervical smear 2.100din
56- Chlamydia cervical smear 1.100din
57- Toxoplasmoza 1.100din
58- urethral swab - for men 500din
59- Sperm 2.000din
60- Turning infusion 1.000din
61- consumables 10RSD


Biopsy PVU 2.500din
Aspirated breast tissue (cyst) 800din
Explorativne curettage (endometrium, cervix) 3.000din
Cervical polyp 2.500din
Loop excision of cervical 3.000din
Fractionated curettage (endometrium and cervical canal) 5.000din