Address: 66 Djure Danicica st., Smederevo
Smederevo Phone: +381 26 642-042, 229-760

4/ 5stars Hotel is located at Smederevo, 8 km from motorway E-75 (European corridor 10). Smederevo is 45 km from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia and Montenegro. Smederevo is situated on Danube river (European corridor 10). The hotel contains 33 rooms and apartments. Each room and apartment has bathroom, telephone, a television with satellite programs, and individual heating/ air conditioning. Situated on the property is a restaurant with approximately 120 seating places, which includes outdoor garden area, with fountain. Associated to the hotel is a cafe. There is a parking area available for guests.For couple month,we open swimming pool,sauna and fitness. Great dishes and lovely ambient will bring you divining experience while eating in our restaurant. The restaurant menu offers Serbian national dishes, such a: hot domestic breads, Sjenica cheese and cream, fresh salads, beans served in earthen dish , cabbage soup and regional local vegetables. The specialties of the house are lamb and veal baked in an earthen dishes.