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Gynecological offices Smederevo

Address: 11 Vuka Karadzica street local 1, Smederevo
Wheelchair accessible Wheelchair accessible
Parking Parking
Works out in the field Works out in the field

Working time:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 12-20 pm

Tuesday and Friday from 8-16 pm

Saturday only pre-scheduled

Telephones for scheduling:
026 / 612-663
062 / 578-628

Price list:

1- Consultation up to 15 min gratis
2- gynecological examination 2.000din
3- Control gynecological examination 1.000din
4- Pap smear 2.000din
5- Colposcopic review 2.500din
6- Control colposcopy 2.000din
7- PAPA + colposcopy in one act 3.500din
8- Systematic Review-students, the unemployed, pensioners, 3 pac again 6.000din
9- A systematic review of the company 4.500din
10- Physical examination for employees 8.000din
11- Ultrasound examination - gynecological, pregnancy is more than 10 NG 3.000din
12- Control ultrasound examination 2.000din
13- Double -UZ test, measurement neck pleats, LFC, Gly, urine 5.000din
14- Organoskrining 5.000din
15- 4D ultrasound examination (photos, recording the Flesh) 6.000din
16- Folliculometry (3 or more visits) 4.000din
17- Determining pregnancy 2.000din
18- gynecological and ultrasound examination in one act 4.000din
19- The first inspection after childbirth-gin.pregl. / TO (our pregnant women) 3.000din
20- Review and breast ultrasound 2.500din
23- Insemination 30.000din
24- Repeated insemination in the same cycle 15.000din
25- biopsy of the cervix 5.000din
26- Puncture of cysts in the breast 6.000din
27- explorativne curettage (cervical canal) 4.000din
28- Fractionated curettage (uterine canal and pulp chamber) 7.000din
29- Instrumental revision after the incomplete abortion 8.000din
30- Abortion up to 8 weeks 12.000din
31- Termination of pregnancy to 10 weeks 15.000din
32- Putting spiral 2.000din
33- Removing spiral 1.000din
34- Removing ingrown spiral 3.000din
35- Vaporisacija PVU-LASER) 9.000din
36- Loop excisija 10.000din
37- Removing kondyloma-level laser and 5.000din
38- Removing kondyloma-LASER II level 10.000din
39- Removing kondyloma LASER III level 15.000din
40- Bartholinijeva cyst (removing the capsule with AgNO3) 10.000din
41- Hysterosalpingosonografija (HSG) 8.000din
42- Puncture of ovarian cysts 8.000din
43- Ofice Hysteroskopija 30.000din
44- Amniocentesis 30.000din
45- CVS chorionic villous sampling-determination of sex in the 9th week of pregnancy 30.000din
46- Polypektomia PVU (polyp on cervix) 5.000din
47- Polypektomia cavi Wheel weights (polyp in the cavity of the uterus) 7.000din
48- Determination half over the mother's blood in the 10th week of pregnancy 17.500din
49- Tranquilita test (anomalies and a half) from the 10th week of pregnancy € 650
(Discount € 300 for Stem Cells)
50- Cerklage 10.000din
51- CTG - NG -nedeljno 1.000din
52- CTG - transferred pregnancy - daily 500din
53- Vaginal swab 500din
54- Cervical smear 500din
55- Urea-mycoplasmas cervical smear 2.100din
56- Chlamydia cervical smear 1.100din
57- Toxoplasmoza 1.100din
58- urethral swab - for men 500din
59- Sperm 2.000din
60- Turning infusion 1.000din
61- consumables 10RSD


Biopsy PVU 2.500din
Aspirated breast tissue (cyst) 800din
Explorativne curettage (endometrium, cervix) 3.000din
Cervical polyp 2.500din
Loop excision of cervical 3.000din
Fractionated curettage (endometrium and cervical canal) 5.000din

GYNECOLOGY PRACTICE SWISSMEDICA, 11 Vuka Karadzica street local 1, Smederevo
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