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  • Member 5 years


    Delivery Smederevo

    Address: Salinacka bb, Smederevo

    Welcome to the restaurant Vinceia!
    In addition to daily activities in our restaurant you will be able to organize all kinds of celebrations for up to 150 guests.
    Always hospitable we are here for all your business lunches, banquets, cocktail parties, family gatherings!
    With us, the important dates in your life become completely forgettable.

    We are Šalinačkoj bb Street, across from the EPS.
    There is a possibility of the organization of food and accommodation and restaurant workers in the field.

    In our restaurant you will be able to try the wide variety of dishes and flavors that are specially selected for you. You will feel a variety of flavors from the kitchen people

    who have historically swept the area and left on a trail. In fact, this track is what best characterizes the restaurant Vinceia-in!

    If you want to organize your party in your home or other location, at your Vinceia catering service that will serve our varied cuisine where it suits you! Enjoy the ambience and service as we Vinceia restaurant-in created as your and our house.

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